Built a New Decorative Concrete Walkway

About a month ago now, we did some renovations at our office building and refinished the pool deck.  Now, we’ve installed a concrete walkway from the pool deck to the front of the building.  The walkway is 75 feet long with custom decorative concrete.  This stamped concrete walkway addition was somewhat random since we decided last minute, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity.  Over the weekend, we hosted the 19th annual National Concrete Show. The event draws approximately 1,200 attendees from all over.  Concrete companies flew in from New York, Texas, Florida, California, and a few other states to attend.  This special event is held at our location once a year to offer concrete contractors a chance to train their team on the latest construction techniques and to network and form partnerships with other companies across state lines in case they want to expand in the future.  The host of the event was Albany Concrete Contractors, a family-owned company based in New York that provides residential concrete repair.  More information can be found on their website at albanyconcretecontractors.com.  They presented for 3 hours on proper concrete mixing, building a brand online, to forming partnerships with other local concrete companies to create a referral network.  Albany Concrete Contractors was voted in as the primary sponsor by their peers in a unanimous decision.

At the lunch break, our team spent some time speaking with the leadership at Albany Concrete Contractors and asked whether they could install a new walkway for us.  We were looking to build a path that allowed easy access from the front of the building to the pool that people could use without having to go inside first.  We ended up deciding on a curved decorative concrete path that connects the pool deck to the front driveway of the building. We paid for Albany Concrete Contractors’ hotel accommodations and provided them food to convince them to stay a few more days and install it for us.  All in all, the project took 5 hours.  It went much faster than expected and the price of the walkway was very reasonable.