New Mentoring Program

I got this idea from my time at the state comptroller’s office. They had a mentoring program that employees could apply to be a part of if their performance was sufficient. Managers and executives applied to be mentors, and lower-level employees applied to be the people being trained.
The Head of Employee Engagement (EE) was in charge of reviewing applications and deciding who would be allowed into the program.

The first trial of applications saw around 120 applicants to be mentors, but only 25 employees to be mentored. Obviously those numbers don’t work out, so the Head of EE sent out an email to each manager on the floor asking for (encouraged) volunteers. Suddenly, the number of applicants increased to more than 80. Audrey, the head of EE reviewed each of the apps and paired up colleagues based on what they wanted to learn and what the mentor could teach.

Some people wanted to learn office politicking, others wanted to acquire more technical knowledge. Each application had a goal sheet which detailed what the person was looking to get out of the program. That’s how Audrey knew who to pair with who. In addition, being around for more than 10 years, she had had plenty of interactions with the different employees to know who would mesh and who would fail.

The program ran for 8 weeks, and the mentors and employees were encouraged to have an initial meeting to set expectations and weekly touch-bases, then manage the training on their own. Overall, 95% of the participants completed the mentoring program and everyone in attendance at the wrap-up event at the end of year recommended having it again the following year.

As a part of a builders and construction association, we have a number of qualified people who may be competitors, but hold a vast wealth of knowledge. We can find ways to help each other grow without hurting our businesses. As such, I’m announcing that the ABC Sierra NV mentorship program is coming. We’re still working out the details because we want to make sure it has enough people and we have clear lines drawn for people to follow.